Yu. Z. Bila-Tiurina
Features of the administrative and legal provision of gender policy in Ukraine in the contest of European integration priorities

Yu. A. Bilovitska
Mechanisms of state and business cooperation in the conditions of state policy development of sustainable development of the green economy in Ukraine

Z. M. Buryk, V. V. Cherniakhivska
The authoritative and public interaction issue in terms of European integration

O. L. Vasyliev
Public management of investments of local communities in the conditions of European integration of Ukraine

T. G. Gorbata
The necessity to implement proper organization of blood donation in Ukraine: results of sociological survey

N. V. Datsii, L. V. Boichuk, Yu. О. Kravchenko
Basic concepts of socio-economic development of territories in the context of development of local government in the conditions of European integration

O. М. Dubrova, G. V. Ortina
Specific characteristics of recreation of intellectual capital in the sector of public management of higher education of Ukraine: comparative experience with European countries

A. M. Zhorniak, S. V. Podplota
Content and specifics of functioning of the volunteer movement system in Germany

O. V. Kiforenko
Public administration of agricultural economy sector – the EU experience for Ukraine

S. O. Kolisnyk
Methods and tools of state regulation of the oil refining complex of Ukraine in the conditions of European integration

V. V. Kruhlov. D. A. Tereschenko
Integration of the higher education system of Ukraine into the European Educational Area

G. Yu. Lazarev
Concepts of public management of the development of innovative infrastructure of territorial communities: theoretical and methodological aspect of the European experience

I. V. Mukan, V. V. Shikerynets
Legal and organizational components of the mechanism for enforcement of decisions of the European court of human rights state-administrative aspect

A. Yu. Munko, O. T. Khokhba
Social agreement as the basis of interaction between public authorities and society in Ukraine: interaction of European values

O. I. Parkhomenko-Kutsevil
International experience of implementing digitalization in the public service system: experience for Ukraine

K. V. Pastukh
Strategic public management in the conditions of European integration

H. Yu. Razumei, M. M. Razumei
Formation of digital competences of citizens as the basis of Ukraine’s digitalization on the way to the single European space

І. Yе. Rybchych
Humanitarian aspects of physical culture in the formation of the state policy for the development of mass sports in the context of the European integration aspirations of Ukraine

O. S. Savchenko
Current trends in the implementation of digitalization of public administration in the countries of the European Union

T. V. Sych
The role of the government in implementing the third mission in Ukrainian universities

M. М. Treschov
Socio-economic state of the country at war in the light of European integration progress: assessment and anti-crisis measures of the state

V. A. Khudaverdiyeva
European administrative area and its impact on national legal systems member states of the European Union and candidate countries